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Welcome! This blog features advice from a Physician. It’s all about uncovering and exposing scams in the medical industry. Moreover, I share information focused on the health and wellbeing of people. I like to share ways to live longer and overall opportunities to be healthy.  I want nothing more than to help you become a healthy and happy person. During my long career, I’ve grown familiar with the healthcare industry’s most common scams. I expose medicines that don’t work, practices that are a sham, and so much more. I also love to share important facts and dispel myths involved in healthcare. I’m a trained and licensed physician with many years of experience. I’ve spent many years studying nutrition and the best ways to stay healthy. My blog has tons of great information and advice, especially for the current pandemic. I’m glad you’re here!

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Balance of Nature, as discussed in more detail about this brand, (https://mortontavel.com/alance-of-nature-another-over-hyped-phony-and-expensive-product/) we estimated that a full day’s serving of Balance of Nature’s Fruits and

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Americans eat an average of 27 pounds of bananas per person per year—making it the most heavily consumed fruit in America. But some carb- and

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