Health Tips, Myths, And Tricks:
A Physician’s Advice

Advice on matters of health often comes from companies that sell products on TV, or from individuals who promote treatments stemming from self-serving agendas. Information obtained this way is often unscientific, unbalanced, and, sadly, blatantly fraudulent. Unfortunately, surrounded by all this noise, mainstream physicians are seldom heard from; moreover, few are willing to devote the time necessary to expose those ubiquitous misconceptions and to provide countering advice stemming from sound scientific research. Making matters even more treacherous are the various branches of “alternative medicine” that provide untested or worthless “treatments”, placing patients at risk of being exploited, losing their money and damaging their health. Although such alternative methods are largely employed by non-conventional and unlicensed practitioners, occasional wayward “real” doctors imprudently transcend these boundaries and promote dubious methods to large audiences on TV and other media. It is no wonder that the public is confused!

As a member of the conventional medical community, I have decided to present a balanced picture of what works, what doesn’t work, what are outright frauds, and what we really don’t know. This book is intended to provide an introduction to contemporary scientific thought processes and serve as a guide for everyone on how to follow a healthy lifestyle while, at the same time, how to avoid wasting large resources on useless—sometimes dangerous—techniques and treatments.

Hell In The Heavens:
The Saga Of A Wwii Bomber Pilot

WWII bomber pilot Col. David Tavel recounts his first-hand, real-life experiences in the European Theater on the pages of his historic memoire, Hell in the Heavens. Tavel and his Virgin Wolves are a bomber squadron that avoids enemy fighter planes and heavy flak to take out strategic enemy targets in Nazi-held territory. With detailed descriptions of the bomber squadron’s massive and costly efforts to bring down the Nazis, Tavel draws on his own wartime journal entries and memories of the early days of the U.S. Army Air Corps and the brand new 15th U.S. Air Force.

Fly alongside Tavel, and vicariously experience his journey through this unique war experience. His extreme talent-when combined with some luck-was able to bring him, and most of his fellow crewmembers, intact from this ordeal against tremendous odds. His calm and descriptive first-person narrative-despite the prospect of sudden death awaiting them at any moment-belies the chilling terror that any normal person would feel under such circumstances. Through his poignant words, he allows readers to gain a glimpse into his very being-a highly intelligent man, a man who commands respect and admiration from those who know him, and know of him, both as a leader and a follower.

Snake Oil is Alive and Well:
The Clash Between Myths and Reality-Reflections of a Physician

Dr. Tavel, a physician and internist/cardiologist, has managed patients for many years. He has generated more than one hundred research studies which have appeared in a variety of the major peer-reviewed medical journals and has participated on the editorial boards of several of them. He is the author of an internationally recognized book on cardiovascular disease and has contributed to numerous other medical books. Holding a faculty position (clinical professor) at Indiana University School of Medicine, he regularly instructs medical trainees at all levels. Because of the many misconceptions he has encountered from both laymen and many of those involved in medical care, Dr. Tavel has now turned his attention to the general public.

In this hard-hitting book, he attacks misinformation covering health matters of all types. Snake oil is a term metaphorically applied to the many methods of treatment that lack scientific credibility, including quackery of all types, alternative medicine, procedures such as acupuncture and chiropractic medicine, misinformation about diets, vitamins, and other dietary supplementation, antioxidants, and many others. His thoughts also extend to the less-obvious myths surrounding such diverse topics as the tricks performed by the so-called ethical pharmaceutical companies, and the illusion surrounding the apparent success of all types of medical management-both conventional and outlandish-much of which can be explained by the so-called placebo effect. Understanding these myths can pave the way toward healthier living and better medical care, while at the same time, reducing personal expenses.

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